Bosphorus Trio consists of three hardworking musicians who overcome the distances with their ideals, succeeds to bring together their professional careers with a strong amateur soul in order to bring new breath to the piano trio repertoire. Shortly after their establishment, they were invited to radio programs, gave concerts in prestigious concert halls and festivals and made a strong impression on the musical environment. Since their first meeting, “our composers, first” has been their motto and to discover the forgotten and unknown treasures of Turkish composers is the mission that they make it real. Undoubtedly the best example to this ideal is the Istanbul Premiere of the Ferid Tuzun’s Piano Trio which was performed in Turkey 68 years after it was written, at the prestigious Süreyya Opera Hall. Bosphorus Trio made it possible to perform the work also at the 35th International Ankara Music Festival. Along with the Turkish composers, the trio aims to bring new perspective and fresh interpretation to widely known classical works from different periods as well such as Haydn, Beethoven, Dvorak, Debussy which are some of them. Since their first concert, with the great support from the public and classical music environment, they continue their journey as a culture-vessel, clearing from the Bosphorus to the world.

Being one of the most acknowledged music academies in the world, the “International Chigiana Academy” accepted Bosphorus Trio as an active participant and provided scholarship for their level and past concert events. At the academy masterclasses, the trio was guided by one of the leading chamber music experts in history, Prof. Günter Pichler from the Alban Berg Quartet. Thanks to his high recommendations, the academy approved the “Merit Diploma” to all three members of the Bosphorus Trio, signed by Prof. Pichler. This type of diploma is very rarely presented to musicians who participate for the first time at the academy, proving Bosphorus Trio’s respectful world class level. After the masterclasses, Bosphorus Trio was highly praised by the authorities and public after their successful appearance at the “Palazzo Chigi Saracini” in Siena.

Following the support and initiative of ‘Notacini.com’, the famous music publisher Baerenreiter which is considered as the leader for the chamber music field, became the official sheet music sponsor of the Bosphorus Trio, following a signed contract for the rest of their career. Bosphorus Trio is proudly rehearsing and interpreting with Baerenreiter Urtext.